Club Rules: Pike and Carp



These rules are to be read in conjunction with the Goldsworth Park Lake Rules and the Brookwood Ponds Rules.


  1. Pike may be fished for from 1st October through to 31st March only.

  2. This includes all forms of lure and drop shot method fishing.

  3. Live bait must not be brought to the lake.

  4. Treble hooks must be semi-barbless.

  5. A wire trace at least 18" long and 201b minimum breaking strain must be used (151b minimum main line).

  6. Pike anglers must have a large landing net, an unhooking mat, and forceps (no gaffs or gags).

  7. Anglers are advised to wear a protected glove when handling Pike.


  1. No fixed leads to be used. Make sure that your lead can pass over any leader knots or be dropped in some other way.

  2. No lead core to be used. Protective tubing of a minimum of 30cm / 12 inch must be used.

  3. Shock-leaders must be used when fishing weights of 2oz or more when your main line is 12lb breaking strain or less.

  4. Carp anglers must have and use a landing net at least 42" (Goldsworth Park Lake), a large well-padded unhooking mat, and forceps or a disgorger.

  5. Buzzer volume should be set as low as practicable and a receiver used when necessary.

  6. Bait boats may be used with restraint and consideration for other anglers and no more than 2 metres from any water snags or obstacles.

  7. All carp anglers are required to have carp antiseptic in your possession.


  1. If a pike or carp is to be weighed, it must be in a sling and must be returned to the water as soon as possible via the sling.

  2. Never stand whilst holding a pike or carp, e.g. for photos, but kneel over the unhooking mat.

Anglers not complying with the conditions above will be required to cease fishing and vacate the bank-side at the request of a club appointed bailiff or any officer of the council. Non-compliance may also result in the angler losing their permit subject to an appeal.


Goldsworth Park Angling Club

Established 2015
Managing angling at Goldsworth Park Lake and Brookwood Ponds, under license with Woking Borough Council.

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