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Our Waters: Goldsworth Park Lake & Brookwood Ponds

The club manages two separate locations for angling: Goldsworth Park Lake and Brookwood Ponds.  It is the clubs policy to be forward thinking, looking to improve opportunities and facilities for anglers of all ages and abilities.

To start the ball rolling, in October 2015 the club stocked 16 Mirror Carp of between 7 to 15lb to help boost present numbers on Goldsworth Park Lake and several hundred Roach and Bream were stocked into Pond 2 at Brookwood Ponds. In 2016 site improvements on both ponds at Brookwood started and the stocking of Tench at both Goldsworth and Brookwood waters took place, one hundred 10 inch plus fish were introduced into Goldsworth and 25 into each of the Brookwood Ponds.

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