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Our Waters: Brookwood Ponds

​​Brookwood Ponds are balancing pools, although much smaller than Goldsworth Park Lake, nether the less they offer some excellent sport. Situated in the heart of Brookwood Country Park; two of the four ponds are for wildlife only (no fishing) and the other two are available for angling.

These two small ponds are approximately three quarters of an acre each and no more than four feet in depth. They are home to some; pretty carp (up to double figures), big rudd, roach, bream, tench, and perch.  All fish feed well what ever time of year.

Great fun in the winter on light tackle when many waters switch off, (that float just keeps on going under). Again as with Goldsworth Park Lake, do come and have a dabble, but please follow the club rules and local bye-laws.

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