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Day tickets cover fishing from Dawn to Dusk ONLY. Please note daylight ends 1/2 hr after sunset. All anglers are advised to read and understand the rules and conditions documented on the rear of day tickets. Any breach of these rules may result in anglers being asked to cease fishing. 

Welcome to Goldsworth Park Angling Club


Goldsworth Park Angling Club, under license with Woking Borough Council, manage all aspects angling at Goldsworth Park Lake & Brookwood Ponds.

Goldsworth Park Lake was created in the early 1970's as part of the development of the Goldsworth Park housing estate. Goldsworth Park Lake is approximately 14 acres in size with depths of up to 13ft. The lake has become home to an abundance of fish species and wildlife, offering visitors some excellent angling opportunities.

Brookwood Ponds, although much smaller than Goldsworth, they still offer some excellent sport opportunities. Situated in heart of Brookwood Country Park, ponds 1 and 3 are for wildlife habitation only. Ponds numbered 2 and 4 are available for angling as managed by Goldsworth Park Angling Club.

So if you fancy a cast, please do come along and give it a try. Both day and season permits are available on the bank from one of our Bailiffs. These are sold on a cash only basis.


Please take a moment to read the club rules and regulations before arrival.

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The match calendar for the year 2022 has ended.

There will be no more matches until the new year 2023.

Other clubs wishing to host matches at any GPAC water, please make contact with the club secretary. Proposed dates need to be submitted by mid Feb 2023 for approval. 

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