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Important Update


Please read and understand the below update as it contains important information about where and when you can fish on any of the GPAC Water.

If you arrive at any peg and can see the below disc (Photo below) along any of the woodwork at the front by the waters edge, this means the peg is closed and therefore NO FISHING. This indicates that the peg is shut for either maintenance or a fishing match. This does not mean that the peg is closed indefinitely, only until there is no longer the disc saying NO FISHING.

If you arrive at a peg and you cannot see the bright red disc in the photo below, this means fishing is allowed at any time.

Anybody found fishing on a closed peg as indicated by the red disc, may be asked to move or cease fishing immediately.

Equally can all anglers to keep up to date with the calendar on the website. This will very shortly be updated with the years match and event fixtures. They will also appear on all GPAC social media pages. The calendar is the first thing to be updated so would advise checking this everytime.

In relation to the NO FISHING discs below, please do not move, alter, damage or destroy them. Any reports of this will be dealt with robustly. If anybody sees anyone moving, damaging or destroying them, please report to the committee.


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