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September updates from the Club Secretary

AGM reminder - 24th September 2019

The annual general meeting is all most upon again so please do come along and support your club.

Start time is 7.30pm.

Location is Goldwater lodge, next to the lake. GU21 3RT

Work on club waters.

Work parties took place on 20th and 21st of July. With a good turn out of members, all the platforms were trimmed and wood chipped. Reeds and branches were trimmed and platform 36 rebuilt with plenty of room now for a bivvy.

Well done and thanks to all who came along, the next work party weekend is on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of October 2019, from 8am onwards.

Work on new platforms at pond 2 Brookwood has now begun, with two already complete. A further five will be erected over the coming weeks. Anyone wishing to help please contact the Club Secretary.

Fishing on the lake and ponds.

The fishing this year has been consistently good, despite the hot weather, with plenty of good carp being caught. Some members reporting multiple catches in a sessio. This has been attributed by the new stock of 2017 which, it would appear, have settled in well and have grown beyond expectations with individuals hitting mid twenties already.

Early season tench were popping up everywhere close in, with some proper lumps coming out close to double figures. They now seem to have moved out of the margins, over the last few weeks, into deeper water and are mainly being caught by feeder methods. The same for the bigger bream who tend to stay at a distance much of the time in large groups, but, if you do happen to land them they can produce bags of 100lb or more.

Despite our concerns of cormorants depleting the roach and skimmer stocks, this year's pole and waggler fishing has been much better than expected with plenty of double figure bags coming out. Some quality roach at the pound mark falling to red maggot, over hemp or good old bread, loads of skimmers and perch showing with the roach, topped with the odd big perch on worm.

Our two ponds at Brookwood continue to be great sport despite oxygen levels fluctuating through the hot weather. Loads of skimmers, tench, carp, rudd and very big roach continue to show on both ponds but for the time being please refrain from using keep nets until the cooler weather and rain improves oxygen in the water. And please keep ground bait to a minimum as this can affect water quality if uneaten.

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