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Let's Go Fishing 2017 - Success!!!

Following the success of our event last year, bookings came flooding in, to the extent the club was able to deliver angling tuition to 75 beginners to the sport.

Hired by the club, licenced coaches Richard Charlton and Simon Windsor delivered one-to-one tuition for a full hour to each entrant.

Using poles, whips, and rods participants were shown how to:

  • Set up

  • Plumb the depth

  • Bait the hook and swim

  • Watch for bits

  • Time the strike to set the hook

  • Play the fish and land

  • Unhook and the use of a disgorger

  • Return the catch safely back to the water.

After which each person was presented with a; whip, float rig, disgorger, plummet, information booklet, and a certificate of participation. Equipment supplied free by the club with the help of donated tackle from the Environment Agency.

Despite heavy rain on 3 of the 5 days everyone caught plenty of fish including; Carp, Roach, Bream, and Rudd. Everyone had a great time and went with anticipation of their next fishing trip, many of whom have already been back to the ponds honing their new found skills.

Coaches Richard and Simon chose the two most improved participants, one girl Sophie and one boy Theo, to receive a trophy cup each supplied by Richard to mark their achievements.

The club thanks all who took part, the coaches, club members who helped out, Angela (Richards wife) for her art work on the certificates and Adrian Bicknell from the Environment Agency for the tackle and support, all of whom helped to make this years event such a success.

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