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New Fish Stock Introduced in 2017

We are please to update that on the 2nd of November the club was able to purchase, from Priory Fishery in Devon, new stock for our lakes:

  • 100 Tench for Goldsworth Lake, weighing 1lb to 3lb

  • 100 8in to 10in Tench for Brookwood Ponds 2 and 4 (50 in each pond)

  • 200 Crucian Carp 6in to 8in, (100 in each pond)

Boosting the stock already present they should soon start to put on good weight and growth as they settle into their new home.

Just two days later, on the 4th of November, 20 new Carp arrived from VS Fisheries in Hampshire. As with the fish stock back in 2015 these stunning hand picked Carp will add great interest and pleasure to our anglers, weighing between 8lb and 15lb, these fast-growing fish will soon pack on the pounds.

The last stocking for 2017 will be 300 Chub. Once abundant in Goldsworth Lake, they are now a rare site and much missed by the pleasure angler. Due to arrive early December, we are sure they will prove to be a great investment for the future sport on the lake. These fish are between 6in and 8in, bred by Hampshire Carp Fishery, and are known to grow to a good size very quickly.

With the winter months now upon us, all these new fish should settle in well ready for next spring.

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