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Unexpected Catch At Brookwood Lakes

Anglers are always looking to get a new personal best, well Goldsworth Park Angling club certainly provide opportunities to do this to anglers of all ages. Restocking the Goldsworth and Brookwood lakes has obviously paid off.

Roger, the club secretary, is always keen to advise the varied selection that can be caught and was proved right. On the 28th of September at Brookwood Lake 2 a club member was having a moderate day catching a few silver fish. It was a coolish day but dry, the water temperature was cold and the water surface disturbed due to a breeze.

Slowly winding in to recast and not far from the bank the hook suddenly caught and the rod bent well. A strong pull was required but not much of a fight was given by this beautiful example of the "green bootfish" ...

Green Bootfish

... weighing in at a mere 1lb 2 oz, one must assume it is not the biggest example in the lake but hey it's a personal best.

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