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44.5lb Catfish

A few years ago the club was made aware that there may be a Wells European Catfish in Goldsworth Lake. As a non-native species; if caught it must not be returned to the water.

One of our night fishing members Andy Shaw, whilst fishing for carp, had something big on his line that. After a hard-fought 20 minute battle, thinking this must be the biggest carp in the lake, he had a shock when the fish finally come to the landing net with a mouth like a bucket. As you can see from the photos, it confirmed that there was indeed a Catfish living in the lake.

Andy quickly called our head bailiff for advice who fortunately was on site to assist. The Environment Agency were called out and took the cat, unharmed, to a new home where it can live safely.

Catfish can only be stocked into bodies of water that is not linked to any river system or flood plain because by their very nature as a predator can decimate our fisheries.

The rules and regulations related to non-native species being introduced unlawfully into the environment are very strict carrying heavy fines. So when fishing our waters, or any others, if you catch what should not be there follow Andy’s example - do the right thing - call for advice and report it to the Environment Agency. Their contact number is on your rod licence.

Let’s look after our waterways, for ourselves and future generations to come.


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