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News Update Spring 2020

Season 2019 has once again been a very successful and interesting year for the club. There have been lots of highs along the way;

  • Some great catches reported

  • Rising membership numbers

  • Successful matches and events hosted

  • Along with site improvements and new stocks

A great year for a club that is only just five years young, with a very positive future ahead.


Goldsworth Park Lake

The lake is well noted for it's excellent bream fishing with bags of 100lb plus reported all year round and big tench through the summer months, silvers fishing has suffered a little due to some cormorant predation over the last couple of winters. However, despite those fish munchers, the lake is still producing some fine bags of quality roach particularly in late summer and autumn. Carp fishing is, and always has been, a challenge on the lake but with the help of stocking two years ago, members over this last year have experienced some truly wonderful catches of absolute stunners. For the pike anglers, this winter has been hard going with only fish to mid doubles being reported, as with the carp we know there are some monsters out there but finding them can be tough. Bit that is, my fishy friends, what makes Goldsworth Park Lake an amazing place to cast a line.

When you come on site you will notice we have been busying ourselves trimming some of the trees, refurbishing platforms, and introducing a number of fish refuges. If all goes well we hope this coming year to plant some sub-aquatics, such as lilly, helping to improve habitat and sanctuary for our fish from the fore mentioned birds.

Note when fishing the lake please do not fish any nearer than 2 metres off any underwater obstacles such as refuges (marked with white flags), floating islands, felled trees and weed beds, it far better not to catch than to lose or tether a fish.

Brookwood Ponds

Both ponds 2 and 4 have gone from strength-to-strength over the last couple of years producing good mixed bags of roach, skimmers, rudd, crucian and tench on the pole through the summer months and some beautiful carp going to mid doubles. Even through the winter these ponds continue to fish well and it is during this time that big roach start to show in numbers. Despite this we did need to close the ponds for a week or so in the very hot weather due to low oxygen levels. Fortunately only one or two fish were lost before aerators were deployed, these ponds are great sport year round.

As the ponds are so prolific, in order to maintain a stock balance, the club (with help and advice from the EA) moved around 10,000 plus small roach and skimmers from pond 4 over to Goldsworth Park Lake which will help boost silver numbers on the lake and encourage even better growth on the pond while reducing competition for oxygen and food in the future.

On pond 4 there are now seven platforms to fish from. Please only fish from a platform and not between. On pond 2, for the time being, you can fish where you wish until such time all the platforms are installed. We hope this will be in Spring 2020.

All waters are open all-year-round, for day ticket fishing, so you may just come along and fish. One of our bailiffs will issue you with a day permit. Remember you can pay with cash only and you must read and follow all club rules at all times. These can be found on this website and on site notice boards.

Thank you.


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